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03.08.2021 | 17:35
Third Archontariki with Fr. Nikolaos Loudovikos on Wed.
The third Archontariki with Fr. Nikolaos Loudovikos will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 4. The...
03.08.2021 | 17:34
Greek Revolution bicentennial events on eastern Aegean island of Psara
On the eastern Aegean island of Psara, commemorations for the bicentennial of the beginning of...
03.08.2021 | 17:30
Metropolitan of Larissa & Tyrnavos officiates at Vespers at Holy Monastery of Stomio, dedicated to Dormition of the Theotokos and St. Demetrius
The Metropolitan of Larissa and Tyrnavos, His Eminence Ieronymos, on Sunday officiated at the Vespers...
03.08.2021 | 17:29
Ecumenical Patriarch congratulates Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia on occasion of feast day of his namesake, based on Julian calendar
The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, His All Holiness Bartholomew I, sent greetings and a congratulatory...
03.08.2021 | 17:28
Patriarch of Serbia officiates at services on feast day of Great Prophet Elijah, as celebrated with Julian calendar
The Patriarch of Serbia, His Holiness Porfiriye, on Monday officiated at services on the feast...
03.08.2021 | 17:27
Feature today posted on Orthodoxia news agency on life, works of Archbishop Makarios III
Today marks the 44th anniversary of the repose in the Lord of Archbishop Makarios III,...
03.08.2021 | 17:24
Feast day of Isaacius, Dalmatus & Faustus, Ascetics of the Dalmation Monastery
The Church today venerates the memory of Isaacius, Dalmatus, & Faustus, Ascetics of the Dalmation...
03.08.2021 | 17:00
Новости на русском языке
Новости на русском языке на канале Pemptousia TV при сотрудничестве с агентством ope.gr, ведущая — Алина...
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