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20.11.2019 | 11:28
Ecumenical Patriarch met Consul of Hungary and Chairman of Kazakh Interfaith and Inter-Civilization Dialogue Center

oday, Tuesday, November 19, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew held a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Nursultan Nazarbayev Center for Development of Interfaith and Inter-Civilization Dialogue, Altay Abibullayev, and the new Consul General of Hungary in Constantinople, Laszlo Keller. Altay Abibullayev briefed the Ecumenical Patriarch on the initiatives of the organization he is presiding…

20.11.2019 | 11:13
Former Archbishop of Thyateira Gregorios passed away

Former Archbishop of Thyateira Gregorios passed away at the age of 92. The elder bishop has been suffering from serious health problems in recent years. A few months ago, Gregorios was replaced due to his age and health problems by the then Metropolitan of the Dardanelles, Nikitas, who then became the new Archbishop of Thyateira….

20.11.2019 | 11:11
Wealth and poverty are an occasion to draw closer to God and our peers – Patriarch Daniel

Patriarch Daniel on Sunday offered his reflections on wealth and poverty as means through which we can proceed on the path to salvation. ‘Wealth and poverty are not a purpose in themselves. They are an opportunity for us to draw near or away from God and others.’ “Neither wealth nor poverty can bring us salvation,…

20.11.2019 | 11:06
First Romanian monastery inaugurated in Portugal

The first Romanian Orthodox monastery in Portugal was inaugurated last Sunday, Nov. 17, by four Romanian hierarchs in Aldeia de Santa Margarida (Idanha-a-Nova). The monastery is dedicated to the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God. Headed by His Eminence Metropolitan Iosif of Western and Southern Europe, the assembly of bishops officiated the…

20.11.2019 | 11:03
Nuns from Valea Bistritei Monastery build house for 7-children family

The nuns from Valea Bistriței Monastery are building a house for a needy family with seven children, ages 7 to 15. The monastery announced the project in August, noting that it was undertaken with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Irineu of Alba Iulia. The monastery asked for funds from any who wanted to help,…

20.11.2019 | 10:56
Archbishop of Australia: If there was no Ecumenical Patriarchate, today we would be like sheep without a shepherd

On November 17, Archbishop Makarios of Australia participated at the 55 Year Anniversary Celebration of All Saints Parish-Community, Belmore NSW. In his sermon, Archbishop Makarios focused on the destructive fires that threatened the Monasteries of Panagia Pantanassa and the Holy Cross, which were evacuated as a preventive measure. Referring to the difficulties of the migration…

20.11.2019 | 10:37
The golden rule of fasting

  They also found that the eating of greens or pulse did not agree with everyone, and that not everyone could live on dry bread. One man, they said, could eat two pounds of dry bread and still be hungry, while another might eat a pound, or only six ounces, and be satisfied. As I…

20.11.2019 | 10:29
Rousopoulos: Religious sentiment for Greek people is trait of their national identity

Article 3 has never been a problematic area. On the contrary, the amendment proposed by SYRIZA would create major problems concerning the relations between the Church of Greece and the Ecumenical Patriarchate and would certainly create serious internal social disruption. And let’s ask ourselves whether now that we are coming out of a decade of…

20.11.2019 | 10:24
Memory of Saint Proclus, Archbishop of Constantinople

The Church celebrates today the memory of Saint Gregory Decapolites, who was a monk during the iconoclastic period, and Saint Proclus, Archbishop of Constantinople. We also celebrate the Forefeast of the Entry into the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos. Saint Proclus was a disciple of the great father and teacher, Saint Ioannis Chrysostomos. He…

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