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14.05.2021 | 17:07
Archbishop of Australia underlines contribution of Church, Orthodox Clergy during Greek struggle of liberation

The Archbishop of Australia, His Eminence Makarios, this week underlined the contribution of the Church and the Orthodox Clergy during the titanic Greek struggle against Ottoman rule, as this year marks the bicentennial of the commence of the Greek War of Independence. The Archbishop delivered the address at an anniversary event organized on by the…

14.05.2021 | 17:05
Archbishop of Thyateira & Great Britain receives representatives of Greek Cypriot Association of London Metro Police

The Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain, His Eminence Nikitas, on Thursday received representatives of the Greek Cypriot Association of the London Metropolitan Police to express His gratitude for their assistance throughout the recent Holy and Great Easter Week.

14.05.2021 | 17:04
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople arrives on Halki

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, His All Holiness Bartholomew I, this week arrived on the Marmara Sea island of Halki, accompanied by Grand Syncellus, of first secretary Iakovos and Patriarchal Deacon Barnabas. The Ecumenical Patriarch was received at the entrance of the Halki Seminary, which is located on the eponymous isle, by its Abbot, Bishop…

14.05.2021 | 17:03
Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia calls on faithful to pray for peace in Holy Land

The Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia noted that «…the war in the Holy Land is a tribulation for the local residents and the entire region, but it also pains the hearts of millions, including those in Georgia, as our spiritual life is, and continues to be linked deeply with them.»

14.05.2021 | 17:02
Commemorations for 101st anniversary of Thrace’s liberation

Greece’s president of the republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, on Friday continued an official tour of the northeast Thrace region, visiting the city of Komotini for the commemorations of the 101st anniversary of the region’s liberation and inclusion into the modern Greek state.    

14.05.2021 | 16:59
Hagia Sophia again used for major Muslim prayer service, led by state-appointed top imam

Thousands of Muslims took part in a group prayer on Thursday, led by Turkey’s supreme imam Ali Erbaş, at the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople – the first time that a so-called Bayram festival was celebrated there after a shocking decision by Islamist Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to reconvert the greatest of all basilicas of…

14.05.2021 | 16:57
Feast day of Holy Hieromartyr Therapontus

The Church today venerates the memory of the Holy Hieromartyr Therapontus, one of the bishops of Cyprus, as well as new Martyr John of Bulgaria.

14.05.2021 | 16:36
Храмовна слава Светог апостола Томе у Санкт Пелтену

У суботу, 8. маја 2021. године, Његово Преосвештенство Епископ аустријско-швајцарски г. Андреј је присуствовао празничнoм вечерњем богослослужењу у храму Светог апостола Томе у Санкт Пелтену. Са благословом Епископа служили су свештеници Вељко Савић, парох из Тулна, и Каталин Соаре из Санкт Пелтена (Румунска Патријаршија), док су за певницом појали надлежни парох Далибор Петрић, г. Милан…

14.05.2021 | 16:34
Bishop Jovan of Slavonia visits Patriarch of Jerusalem

His Grace Bishop Jovan of Slavonia visited the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, on May 13, 2021, on the feast of the Holy Apostle James Zevedeyev. On that occasion, His Grace Bishop Jovan of Slavonia was received by His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem and All Palestine in the Patriarchal Residence in Jerusalem. spc.rs

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