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15.01.2021 | 20:54
Saint Dositej the Confessor celebrated in Zagreb, Croatia

Saint Dositej was a man of love, who built bridges and who educated his faithful people to glorify God with their whole being and to love all people with their whole being, Metropolitan Porfirije said. The memory of Saint Dositej the Confessor of Zagreb was celebrated with gatherings in the Cathedral church of the Transfiguration…

15.01.2021 | 19:03
Greek govt allows places of worship to reopen with the presence of faithful; public distancing measures still imposed

Places of worship in Greece will again welcome worshippers for services, following a government decision on Friday afternoon to ease pandemic restrictions in the country, with a ceiling of 50 people set and a ratio of one person per 25 square meters mandated. Regions, however, where a high concentration of the Covid-19 virus is detected…

15.01.2021 | 16:51
Patriarchate of Jerusalem celebrates Feast of Circumcision of the Lord; feast day of St. Basil the Great – based on Julian calendar

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem this week celebrated the Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord and the feast day of St. Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea, with Matins and the Divine Liturgy at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Jerusalem Patriarchate follows the Julian calendar. The festivities were officiated by Patriarch of Jerusalem,…

15.01.2021 | 16:42
Anniversary of 1950 referendum on Cyprus

Today marks the 71st anniversary of an unofficial referendum held on the then British-ruled eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus favoring unification with the motherland Greece. The referendum was inspired by the reposed Archbishop of Cyprus Makarios, who had just returned to his native island from exile imposed by the British authorities.

15.01.2021 | 16:38
Church of Greece’s Holy Synod extends condolences to family of reposed master head chanter Charilaos Taliadoros

The Holy Synod of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece on Friday extended its sincerest condolences to the family of reposed master head chanter – or protopsaltis – Charilaos Taliadoros, who passed away last week in Thessaloniki at the age of 95. Taliadoros, an Archon of the Archdiocese of Constantinople, for decades taught Byzantine ecclesiastical…

15.01.2021 | 16:31
Metropolis of Ioannina issues encyclical on this month’s veneration of holy relics of St. George the New Martyr

An encyclical issued by the Metropolis of Ioannina states that worshipers will be allowed to venerate the holy relics and icon of the city’s patron saint, St. George the New Martyr of Ioannina – and specifically for three days this month, from Jan. 16 to Jan. 18. The encyclical reminds that all state-mandated public health…

15.01.2021 | 16:27
Retail sector in Greece to open under strict Covid-19 restrictions; Church of Greece awaits news on Church-going

An expert committee of public health officials and epidemiologists in Greece has reportedly given the government the «go-ahead» to allow the reopening of the retail sector in the country, as of Monday. Much of the retail sector in Greece has been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Strict restrictions will still be imposed, with the…

15.01.2021 | 16:18
Feast day of Paul of Thebes, John the Hut-Dweller & Pansophios, the Martyr of Alexandria

Today is the feast day of Paul of Thebes, first among hermits. The Church today also venerates the memory of John the Hut-Dweller, and Pansophios, the Martyr of Alexandria.  

15.01.2021 | 13:54
Feast of Saint Basil the Great in Cetinje Monastery

On the day when the Church celebrates the Circumcision of the Lord and St. Basil the Great (New Year), His Grace Bishop Kiril of Buenos Aires and South-Central America celebrated the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in Cetinje Monastery. Archpriest-staurophores Gojko Perovic and Obren Jovanovic, archpriests Igor Balaban and Mirceta Sljivančanin, abbot of the monastery of St….

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