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12.03.2020 | 22:04
Dr. Timothy Patitsas (MDiv 1994), Interim Dean of Hellenic College and Assistant Professor of Ethics at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, publishes book on The Ethics of Beauty

Dr. Timothy Patitsas (MDiv 1994), Interim Dean of Hellenic College and Assistant Professor of Ethics at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, has just published a book on The Ethics of Beauty (St. Nicholas Press). The book argues that the Orthodox Christian approach to spiritual life has always been a “Beauty-first” one, laying out…

12.03.2020 | 21:00
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12.03.2020 | 18:28
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta postpones upcoming events due to coronavirus

His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta has issued the following statement concerning the postponement of upcoming events due to coronavirus. Read the full text below:   My brothers and sisters in Christ, «O God Almighty, Lord of heaven and earth, and of all creation visible and invisible, in thine ineffable goodness, look down upon thy…

12.03.2020 | 18:08
Metropolitan of Singapore and SE Asia received by Indonesia’s new religious affairs minister

The Patriarchal Exarch of the Russian Orthodox Church and Metropolitan of Singapore and SE Asia, His Eminence Sergius, visited the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta this week, where he was received by the new minister of religious affairs in the country, Fachrul Razi.

12.03.2020 | 17:56
Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral to continue prayers rallies, protests against unjust law in Montenegro

Although a dialogue began yesterday between representatives of the Montenegro government and hierarchs of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral of the Serbian Orthodox Church, regarding a controversial law that the Church says aims to confiscate its properties and relics, the latter clarified that twice-weekly rallies will continue in cities around the small Adriatic…

12.03.2020 | 17:49
Patriarch of Antioch meets with Orthodox Church members who are Lebanese cabinet ministers

The Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, His Beatitude John X, this week met with members of the Lebanese Cabinet who are members of the Orthodox Church. Talks revolved around the economic crisis in the Mideast country, while the ministers expressed their confidence in the historic role of the Patriarchate of Antioch and All…

12.03.2020 | 17:28
Ecumenical Patriarchate: ‘We maintain our belief in God, and we trust science’; Orthodox Churches issue announcements

Global concerns over a massive outbreak of the coronavirus have brought much of southern Europe to a standstill, after the virus spread from south-central China. Outdoor activities in several parts of the Middle East have also been drastically affected. Amid this public health crisis, the world’s Orthodox Churches have coalesced around a common principle, namely,…

12.03.2020 | 17:19
Church today venerates memory of St. Gregory Dialogos

The Church today venerates the memory of Gregory Dialogos, Bishop of Rome. St. Gregory was born in Rome to noble and wealthy parents in roughly 540. He was elected Pope in 590. He is renowned especially for his writings and great alms-giving, and also because, at his initiative, missionary work began among the Anglo-Saxon people….

12.03.2020 | 15:23
Russian Orthodox Church official believes ban on Communion more terrifying than coronavirus

Threat of being deprived of Liturgy and Communion is more dangerous than coronavirus, Archimandrite Philipp (Ryabykh), representative of the Moscow Patriarchate to the European International institutions, believes. «On the one hand, it is frightening to be infected with the dreadful virus that may be lethal, this fear is great and it makes many people think…

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